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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Warbook Heros & Warbook FAQs And Tips

Warbook Heros & Warbook FAQs And Kickstart And Warbook Strategy Guide

Before you start your kingdom, you must come up with a unique hero name and select a hero type. Varies from General, Visionary, Mogul, Warmonger, Necromancer, Automater, Slayer and Magician, each with its own special powers.

Choose your hero type carefully, as this will determine your playstyle and your Warbook strategies. It is always best that you can spend some time reading this before you pick which hero type you want.

Your new kingdom will start with two hours of divine protection, in which you may not perform or be the target of any attacks or spells. This should give you some time to learn the game and develop your new kingdom of 1000 acres with a startoff of 500,000 gold, but if I send you an invitation, and you join via that invitation you will get an additional 150,000 gold pieces.

To learn more about your kingdom and your hero's potential capabilities please read the guide.

Sign up for and add me as your friend and I will send you the invitation to start the application to play War-book.


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