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Monday, November 05, 2007

Addictive Warbook - A Strategy Game Review

Hooked Warbook On Facebook

Just want to talk about something today, about something which took up some of my leisure time and something that might be of interest to you.

It is called Warbook, a typical strategy, text format kind of number game. Yes you probably will need a Warbook calculator since it is very much a probability game that is based on calculations.

From the name, you can roughly tell that it is a war and combat game which is set in the medieval period, somehow very similar to Warcraft or what we know of DOTA.

TJ Murphy, Together with Han Xiao, and Benjamin Juang, his colleagues at Freewebs were the creators of Warbook. Very well done to all of them, and thanks for making such an addictive game.

If you are want to play this game however, you will have to become a facebook member before you can play this fantastic wargame. Sign up for and add me as your friend and I will send you the invitation to start the application to play War-book.

In the next few blog post I will talk more about Warbook, the gameplay, the tips and some strategies.

See you soon, in the battlefield...


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