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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Who Tube? Making Money Via Adsense?

Not really related to Agloco but still its online income opportunity..

According to the latest news from Techcrunch youtube has launched a revenue sharing Partners Program for its top content creators. That is good news to a lot of youtubers because a hobby and past time is a potential money making source for them. Well, only if they are selected by youtube though.

There is a possibility that they will use Adsense Program to monetise on the huge amount of youtube traffic. It is stated that:

"Whilst advertising may not be welcome by every one, Google knows the advertising market and it can credit much of its financial success to date to its inclusive embrace of content creators: Google Adsense today maintains its clear lead due to the broad expanse of publishers worldwide that have not only embraced the program, but were actually able to participate in it, Yahoo’s YPN remains an invite/ United States publishers only service, and Microsoft AdCenter is…well…there, but doing nothing in terms of embracing the long tail."

It is so exciting to see what youtube can evolve into under Google's rule. Full of exciting plans. Just hope that Google is happily handling youtube, cos this morning whilst driving to the gym, I heard over the news that youtube is undergoing a lawsuit from the English Premier League.

I wonder who will win this one.. Google will probably pay a couple of millions just to shut the English FA's and concentrate on monetising the traffic youtube is getting everyday!! Boy I wish I start 4 years ago... or or . Don't you think so??


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