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Monday, March 19, 2007

Someone Sent Me His Resume Into My Post.

This blog post is nothing to do with Agloco, well not directly.

I received a resume from someone who wants to work for me under one of my business. Truthfully, I was flattered that someone actually wants to work for me, at the same time, I know that at this point of time, it is not possible to employ yet, not profitable to do so.

The point that I am mentioning this is, this man seems desperate. Why am I saying so, is because, I believe he is writing to several other companies around where he lives and hoping someone in that industry has got a vacancy, if not willing to employ him for his expertise. I wasn't even hiring or advertising that I got a vacancy. He took the liberty to send me his resume.

Did I mention his age? He is turning 40 soon.

Well the 1st thing that came to my mind was, I hope at age 40, I do not have to send my resume ( not that I have an impressive one, mine is probably not as good as his ) to dozens of companies.

So, working for retirement now, not just for survival. ITs never enough. Maybe Agloco can try to provide some security in some aspects.... What do you think?


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