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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Small Encouraging News For Agloco Promoters

Even though the recent rumours about Bill Gates comments and Chad Hurley's cheer on Agloco, wasn't exactly good publicity for Agloco, it sorts of created a buzz in the industry afterall. Surprising enough, today i read and saw something which simply made me spilled my coffee.

I saw a small writings about Agloco in the reknown The Economist periodical. A small write-up on online advertising. Inside it the author talked about Google, AttentionTrust and Agloco. I mean, its great to see Agloco inside a reknown magazine and amongst the big names. It sure is encouraging. All the best Agloco!! Can't wait for the Viewbar.

Found inside the article:

"Agloco is based on a browser plug-in that tracks users’ online activity and then uses this information to allow advertisers to targetpeople with specific interests. Agloco promises to return 90% of ad revenue, sales commissions and other income to its users. In a further twist, those who recruit other users get a cut of the revenue, too."


At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Aglocoliser said...

It's great that Agloco is getting more notoriety. I wish I had joined up sooner.


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