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Friday, January 19, 2007

Agloco Was Not Even Heard Of 3 Months Ago

Funny enough 3 months back Agloco was not even heard of, and today it is one of the most popular website in the whole wide world. In fact as per 20th Jan 2007, it is the top 5,764 most populated website.

Today, you see unofficial Agloco blogs all over the net, and Agloco Dude is one of them. With all sort of Agloco sites like, Agloco News, Agloco Video, Agloco Forum, Agloco Directory and even Agloco Referring sites like this one here.

It is just so interesting to see the whole internet get crazy about Agloco just all of a sudden. Even big time internet marketing mogul John Chow was selling it to his readers, sharing his previous success with the old Alladvantage. Everyone seems to have high hopes for Agloco and would like to be part of it, trying so hard to market the new Agloco company and sharing the Agloco ideas of owning Agloco shares in the near future.

Currently there has been a tone down since the rally of Agloco about a month ago. Because of the delayed launch of the Agloco Viewbar, the tool to make it all possible to make some Agloco money. But believe me, there are still a lot of "Agloco activities" going on.

I did some research and found out that a lot of people are looking for Agloco related stuff, things like Agloco banners to help them get more referrals, Agloco news updates to keep them in the know, Agloco community to look for like-minded people, and even people who are questioning themselves is Agloco scam?

To be honest, we will never know if Agloco is good or bad till we have something to talk about, and hopefully, it will be soon when they starts to launch the viewbar and when people starts to get Agloco checks, and cash in the cheques, and by then I believe is when people will put in more effort to get referrals and start earning while they surf the internet!


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