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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Several Domains But Only For A Year.

Had an interesting find on the domain of AGLOCO, did a whois and found out that Jim (James) Jorgensen, had bought the main agloco dot extensions, such as .net, .org etc. The most interesting find is that he only bought these domains for only a year each. ( Click on the image on the left for enlarged version.)

Are they planning to change the domain after a year, or are they not confident that this business will not take off? By the sound of it from their sites and maybe other big websites that are selling AGLOCO, seems to tell us that the business model and timing couldn't be better, so technically speaking they are very confident that this will work out better than it used to. Hence, it would be interesting to know why did they not bought the domain for 5 years or even 10.

Does that mean that in the past they could do payouts of $100 milion to members, does that means it is going to be more this time and for a longer period of time? I mean up till now, the sought-after Viewbar is not out yet, either has they give a glimpse of how exactly they are going to pay the members, it is really a suspense trailer being played on day-after-day for more than 14 days now.

Another thing that interests me is, since AGLOCO™ Inc is a corporation, then why did they not put the corporate's address and information on the whois. Any legitimate and proper businesses like Google or Yahoo has got a very professional way of showing ( not just in their whois or "about us" page ) that they are the big serious players. I guess this is the minimum that they can do as a corporation, to give the similar type of feeling to their potential investors or users ( partial owners ).

This is my personal point of view and of course they might have specific reason for doing the way they did, the thing is, it does make people ponder.

Any comments anyone?


At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They can renew their domains anytime.


Agloco biz

At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who got the other extensions?

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Allan said...

you can always use whois service to find out. Take a look at the image above and use that url to find other extensions. But be careful as Agloco may go ICANN to and claim your domain ( if you bought one, and the domain has got their registered trademark name. )


This is what happened to Google Adsense and an advertising firm. Google registered Adsense as their trademark and took over the domain of an advertising firm, To see what i meant go to

At 4:04 AM, Anonymous Agloco said...

Nice blog, Allan


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