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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

AGLOCO Launches Internet’s First Economic Network

(Stanford, CA) November 21, 2006—AGLOCO on Tuesday launched the world’s first online economic network simultaneously in English and Chinese, in a bold initiative to give a fair share of the value generated by online companies back to individual users who help create that value.

Every time you are online, you are helping to generate billions of dollars for online businesses, but as an individual customer you do not get to share in the profits that your actions help create. AGLOCO − short for A Global Community − is 100% owned by its Members. AGLOCO uses its member-based power to get a share of the revenue from search companies, advertising firms, online retailers and user content companies as well as occasionally acting as a large buying cooperative, to negotiate better discounts or more convenient service. The bigger AGLOCO gets, the stronger the network becomes and the more revenue is generated and distributed back to its Members. The Members pay nothing and do nothing beyond what they normally do today...Just continue surfing and start earning.

“This is not a tale of it’s too good to be true,” said AK Mavani, a member of AGLOCO’s development team. “You have nothing to lose by signing up to AGLOCO, but potentially a whole lot to gain.”

With more Members and stronger cash flows, the profits that the Members share in will increase, which in turn will draw in more users and hence stronger cash flows. AGLOCO grows by Members inviting their friends to join. The more active users you refer, the more you earn from your company.

AGLOCO has adopted strict privacy and anti-spamming policies. Since without its Members the company would not exist, AGLOCO will never disclose any personal information in any way. To underscore this commitment, AGLOCO has hired Ray Everett-Church as its Chief Internet Privacy Officer. Ray is an internationally recognized expert on privacy law and Internet-related public policy. In 1999, he became the world’s first corporate Chief Privacy Officer, a development that became highly influential across the business world

“Our Member information is the ‘crown jewel’ of the company, and protecting their privacy is at the heart of our business model”, said Everett-Church.

To get your share of the internet, simply sign up on AGLOCO’s website ( and start building your network by referring your friends and family. Once final beta testing is completed, download the Viewbar and carry-on surfing as you normally do. The Viewbar – an unobtrusive desktop widget – allows AGLOCO to collect revenue from Internet companies based on your internet usage, without ever disclosing any personal information.

Unlike other companies, AGLOCO was created to give you your share of the value you create by your online activity. And you continue to retain full control of your online experience: if you don’t want AGLOCO to collect revenue for you at any time, simply minimize the Viewbar and it will stop running.

To learn more about AGLOCO’s philosophy, visit us at

Should you have any further questions, please contact AGLOCO’s communication team:


Tel: + 1 (650) 206-2560 (Stanford, CA)
+ 44 (0)207 193-8713 (London)
+ 852 8197-9020 (Hong Kong)


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