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Sunday, December 10, 2006

AGLOCO Official Message

AGLOCO crossed half a million hits on google recently. In three weeks that is a lot of people talking about a new topic – AGLOCO.

We are excited by the attention and now with tens of thousands of new Members we hope to fulfill the promise of the company.

While over 95% of the pages about AGLOCO are supportive there are a number of claims about us that are not true.

• AGLOCO is not a get rich quick site (it will take a long time and hard work to make AGLOCO as valuable as it should be – there are over 50 people listed on the AGLOCO team page as people who have been working on AGLOCO, some for over a year). See

• AGLOCO is not a new search engine nor is it a new ad network (the company will try hard to leverage existing companies whenever possible and not create new software or new communities for Members to use – Members should continue to use the Internet as they normally would.)

• AGLOCO is not creating spyware nor an intrusion on Members privacy (Member data is only looked at with informed permission of each individual Member; data is used by AGLOCO only to provide services to Members and is not disclosed; and Member data is destroyed if a Member ever chooses to leave AGLOCO). Privacy pages

But what we do stand for is a revolution in favor of the Internet user.

We put ten points about our Vision on the AGLOCO site on launch day. We think they all can be helpful in understanding what AGLOCO is trying to achieve. Here is one of them.

The AGLOCO Vision #1: Free is too Expensive

Much of Web 2.0 has been about Internet companies building a simple service and then getting users to do much of the work on it (including telling all their friends about it). Once the service is popular, the founders and venture capitalists make a deal to sell it for millions (and billions) of dollars. The users who helped build it (especially the early users who often put up with clunky software and weak websites) just watch.

When we looked at this system, we saw a bad price. Sometimes free is not enough.
We designed AGLOCO to reward all Members who join and with the referral system we designed it to give an extra reward to the Members who help build it.

In designing what AGLOCO would be, we felt starting just a specific service (like videos or music or blogging) would not go far enough. So we designed AGLOCO to be a platform for many kinds of services. On our website we cite easy examples of services to monetize for Members like search and advertising, many more exist.

Global companies start with a grand vision, but they start small. We first started working on AGLOCO out of our houses and apartments…We know our Members are keen to learn more about AGLOCO and we shall endeavor to communicate as soon as we strategically are able.

Posted by AGLOCO Official on Sunday, December 10, 2006


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