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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Global Earning

Global rates
Currently AGLOCO treats all countries worldwide on an equal basis: all Members can accumulate up to a maximum of five hours a month of Viewbar™ usage. Referrals will also be accrued with a five hour limit. If shares are issued they will issued at one share per hour for Member hours and one quarter share for each referral hour. AGLOCO reserves the right to change these rates at any time for any country on a country by country basis.

Country Specific Restrictions
Currently AGLOCO is open for membership to anyone worldwide. However, due to different regulatory requirements in each country, it may become necessary for AGLOCO to restrict certain countries from Viewbar™ downloads or Viewbar™ use. In some countries, for member participation, AGLOCO may have to qualify for share issuance prior to offering shares to Members.

In all countries prior to share issuance, Members' hours will be accrued and shares issued when the AGLOCO board of directors approves them. Some countries may be too small or legal requirements too complicated for shares to be issued to Members in that country. (As a Member owned company it may not be prudent to incur the excess expenses for all Members, in order to distribute shares in the countries so affected). In this case, AGLOCO reserves the right to exchange hours for cash, once there is a public market for AGLOCO stock.


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