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Monday, December 31, 2007

Level 26 Automater, 112,680 Acres, 910,854 Machina

Finally hit the 100k acreage mark. Hopefully going into 200k and 300k soon. Will stay low for the time being..

Happy new year folks!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Level 26 Automater, 95,064 Acres, 827,155 Machina

I am back, and now a level 26 Automater, at 95,064 acres, with 827,155 machina. I am still thinking how should i approach the game. To hold and advance slowly or be more aggressive and attack. My instinct tells me that I should advance slowly to avoid huge casualty rate and avoid having to rebuild the kingdom after being hit by the stronger ones in the region of 300,000 acres...

I am also trying to think of a faster way to build income without compromising being attacked (more mines, lesser forts).

Maybe if a successful automater share how he did it with me, I would be grateful.

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Till next time.

Friday, December 21, 2007

I Have Reached Level 25 In Warbook As An Automater!

Finally reached Level 25. Reached 94,ooo acres of land briefly but did not managed to hold ground. Now laying low to save up some money to build more elites. Currently 597,000 elites, wants to build up to 1 mil elites so that will be able to hold ground in the beginning of 100,000 acres.

If you are new to warbook (brand new players only or players who are willing to restart his hero) and wants to level up from 1 to 8 in a matter of hours, then join my Alliance at the below url. Xia

Not only am I giving free tips to Alliance members, I am also giving monetary aids and potential targets to hit. How to hit and how not to hit a potential target.

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